General Waste

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General Waste

We can help with all your waste management needs from recycling, to organics and general waste.  We provide services across retail, hospitality and entertainment from small retail shops to cafes, pubs and restaurants to large retail centres, hotel chains and large commercial operations with multiple locations.  We are dedicated to sustainable waste management practices with a strong focus on recovery of materials through recycling, but we understand that this is not always possible. We can provide a comprehensive waste collection service and offer a variety of bin sizes to best suit your business needs.

General waste is made up of those materials that cannot be recycled.

General Waste

REMONDIS provides a complete waste management solution that solves all your waste needs:

We conduct recycling and waste management workshops

We will assess and advise collection frequency according to your needs

Our waste audits help you identify ways to improve your sustainability rates

Our range of bins for general waste:


Rear Lift

  • 120I
  • 240l
  • 660I
  • 1110I
Skip Beans

Skip Bins

  • 2m3
  • 3m3
  • 4m3
  • 5m3
  • 6m3
  • 8m3
  • 9m3
  • 12m3
  • 20m3
  • 25m3
  • 30m3
Front Lift

Front Lift

  • 1.5m3
  • 3m3
  • 4.5m3

What counts as general waste?

The acceptance criteria* for general waste is:

  • Plastic bags
  • Non-recyclable packaging
  • Mixed waste, including food scraps
  • Broken ceramics and glass

*Criteria may vary across states and territories.

Australians create
67million tonnes of waste each year
Only 12% of plastic gets recycled
Food waste costs Australian
households up to $3800 a year

Our process for general waste



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